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Due to the economy changing, you may be experiencing a financial difficulty for the first time in your life. We truly understand what you are going thru & want to help you end those "sleepless nights". Right now there are over 1 million homeowners facing foreclosure SO YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!

C.A.R.E. is an organization with a mission to stop foreclosures across the U.S. including Hawaii & Alaska. We consult with all of the major lenders for your primary homes, secondary vacation residences, investment/rental properties, new construction, spec homes, commercial / retail buildings and vacant land. IRS, HOA Association, Judgments, Charge-offs, Credit Unions, 2nd & 3rd Liens are also worked with by our organization.

Our goal is to decrease the amount of foreclosures by educating property owners with options that are available... WHATEVER YOU DO DON'T WALK AWAY!!!!!!


You do not need to be in foreclosure!!
Why use CARE? Our Services...
CARE provides a 100% full service for homeowners, real-estate agents, buyers and closing title company.

Forms are available on the HOMEOWNER TAB to begin the process!!


Each case is handled in a concerning matter. We are very personal with our clients, as well as confidential.

Selling - Register to list your home for sale BY OWNER or contact us and we will do it for you! If you have a foreclosure, contact a CARE Rep!

Realtors - Register to become an authorized CARE agent and list your properties for sale.

Short Sales - not behind on your payments? facing foreclosure sale? Yes, you can do a short sale on your home and the banks will take the loss. It is not your fault the the market is declining in property value!! If your mortgage pay-off is higher than the fair market value the banks will pay your closing costs PLUS a $3,000 relocation incentive!!

Loan Modifications - you do not need to be delinquent to qualify for this program. Banks are offering reduced interest rates for the term of the loan. HAMP - no down money needed...traditional loan mod, repayment, forbearance and reinstatement are all plans available. YOU CAN DO THESE YOURSELF, but if you get denied for HAMP you will have to do the traditional loan mod, which requires a down payment.

"BEWARE of fraudulent companies offering this & do not wire funds into anyones account without getting the branch number to see if they are a true company!"

Bankruptcy - for legal advice, consult an attorney or go to where all the forms are available online to personally file at your district bankruptcy court. This website gives you a color coded map with numbers and addresses to file bankruptcy personally and save thousands of dollars.

You have options...
Banks are paying seller incentives!!!

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