Contact Information, address, phone, email, etc.

Information about your company and services goes in this space. You can use as many words as you like, but usually the site will look better if you keep your overall wording to less than 1000 words. This also makes the site much more readable and keeps your clients interested.

By dividing your site into several small paragraphs, you make the text much more readable and keeps you from trying to say too much information in your website. The purpose of the site should be to make your clients interested in your service without telling them every aspect of what you do.

It may be beneficial to use lists like this to present information:

  • point number 1

  • point number 2

  • point number 3

We want your site to look it's best and if you want any special colors, size, font, bold or italics we are happy to make your site to order.

A few well placed images can really make your page look good!

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